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Consideration on the public benefit function of the popularization of Agricultural Mechanization Technology
2016/3/19 Views:[3497]
Since January 1, 2013 implementation of the newly revised agricultural technology promotion method, established the agricultural technology promotion follow the "public welfare promotion and business promotion of the principle of classification management, implement the popularization system of combining national agro technical popularization setups with institutions of agricultural scientific research, schools, farmers' cooperatives, involving agricultural enterprises, mass organizations of science and technology and peasant technical personnel, clear countries at all levels of agricultural technology extension organization belongs to public services, to fulfill social responsibilities, and construct the corresponding management system and mechanism. Agricultural Mechanization at all levels is an important part of the National Agricultural Technology Extension agency. Current, thoroughly implement the newly revised law of agricultural technology popularization and push forward the reform of institutions, need for an accurate understanding of the connotation of the public service function of agricultural mechanization technology promotion agencies, grasp the configuration function key and institution building as the focus. This paper makes some thinking and discussion..
The reform and classification of agricultural mechanization technology extension mechanism
The CPC Central Committee and the State Council on classification and promoting the guidance on the reform of institutions ", about the reform of the institutions do the full deployment, clear institutions implement classification reform, institutions are divided into bear the administrative functions of the class, engaged in production and business activities and engaged in public service, which public service subdivided into a class of public welfare and public welfare. Requirements from 2011 to 2015, complete the classification, undertake administrative institutions into the administrative or functional included in administrative, engaged in production and business activities of the institution of enterprise restructuring and reform basically completed, engaged in public service institution reform made obvious progress. By 2020, to complete the reform, the cause of public interest goals.
At present, the agricultural technology popularization organizations at the national levels of our country mainly include planting, agricultural mechanization, animal husbandry, fishery and forestry, water conservancy and other series. Among them, the Agricultural Mechanization Technology Promotion Agency reached more than 3. According to the relevant provisions in the party and the country's relevant policies and the newly revised law of agricultural technology popularization and agricultural mechanization, agricultural technology extension organizations belonging to institutions engaged in public service class, to carry out reform in public service institutions. But for agricultural technology and other agricultural technology promotion agencies belong to a class or public interest two, a different understanding. According to the author see, agricultural technology and other agricultural technology promotion agencies should belong to the public welfare of a class institution, to public welfare a class of institutions for reform.
From the perspective of qualitative positioning, agricultural technology promotion is the basic public service, with significant public, basic, social. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council on accelerating the development of agricultural science and technology innovation continue to enhance the agricultural products supply capacity of a number of opinions "(2012 central No. 1 document) clearly pointed out that agricultural science and technology is to ensure national food security foundation, break through the constraint of resources and environment, the inevitable choice, accelerate the decisive force of the construction of modern agriculture, with significant public, infrastructure, and social. The newly revised law of agricultural technology popularization to determine the levels of National Agricultural Technology Extension Organization for public services, to solve the qualitative problems of agro technical popularization setups; clear the basic positioning of agro technical popularization setups is to fulfill social responsibility, for the agricultural chemical technology promotion agency classification reform has laid a legal foundation, creating good conditions.
From the perspective of the difference between the welfare of a class and second class institutions, public welfare is a kind of is refers to those who bear the government regulations of social welfare services to the task, for the community to provide free public service, not through the market allocation of resources, financial given funding institutions. Public II although also face to the society to provide public services, but it can be charged in accordance with public service prices set by the government and its resources in a certain area or extent can be through the market allocation, and shall obtain the service income, countries to give financial subsidies, and through the purchase of government services to be supported. The newly revised law of agricultural technology popularization, clear the national agricultural technology promotion agencies to carry out agricultural technology extension implementation of voluntary service and the people's governments at all levels in the budget should secure the funds to be used for Agro technical popularization, and required to enable the funds increase year by year. The relevant provisions of the law of agriculture also made convergence of modified removed the national agro technical popularization setups can provide paid services, clearly established the national agricultural technology promotion agencies undertake public functions public required key technology promotion and demonstration, to farmers and agricultural production and operation organizations to provide agricultural technology services free of charge.
Obviously, from bear the responsibilities and tasks, service object and the allocation of resources and the guarantee of funds, the laws are already clear, agricultural mechanization and agricultural technology extension organization is for farmers to provide free public service, by the Treasury to give public funding is a kind of institutions, should the public welfare is a kind of qualitative positioning, in accordance with the arrangements and requirements of the public service institution reform, promote the reform and development of agricultural mechanization, agricultural technology promotion agencies.
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