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The development of China's market of large and medium-sized rotary trend
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Large and medium-sized rotary as my country a traditional farming machinery, in order to improve the level of Agricultural Mechanization in China play positive role. Since entering the new century, under the impetus of agricultural policy, user demand strong, continuous upgrading of products, the market steady growth, has maintained a rapid development trend. After the party's eighteen largest support for the three rural will be further strengthened. Expected, large and medium-sized rotary 2012 sales of about 350000 units, continue to maintain a record high. In the face of the future, large and medium-sized rotary cultivator to achieve their own development, development of agglomeration, accelerate industrial restructuring, to meet the needs of the market and users to upgrade.
The development process, a large and medium-sized rotary cultivator
Begins with the development of China's large and medium-sized rotary cultivator on at the end of the 1950s. In the early 1970s completed and home-made tractor and in the northern regions get rapid promotion, has a single research, series development, transformation and upgrading of three stages. At the beginning of this century has been rapid development, showing a steady start, rapid growth, maturity, expect a breakthrough stage characteristics, to accelerate the pace of adjustment of industrial structure, large and medium-sized rotary cultivator the basic realization of the series, diversification, the development of information technology.
1, the market steady development. After years of development, China gradually formed industrial clusters in Jiangsu, Henan, Jiangxi and other rotary tiller, with hundreds of large and medium-sized rotary cultivator manufacturing and ancillary businesses, industrial manufacturing capacity to take shape, production and gradually increase the amount, the emergence of a Henan Haofeng, Yinhua Chunxiang, Xi'an, Macao and Asia etc. a number of famous rotary tiller production enterprises, to types of manufacturing rotary cultivator 300 kinds, to meet the needs of markets in different regions. In particular, Henan Hao Feng in recent years to continue to lead the industry development momentum. Large and medium-sized machine market sales increased steadily, the social ownership of more than 5000000 taiwan. In 2007 to achieve sales of 25 million units, in 2009 to create a record high for the first time exceeded 35 million units, 2011 is expected to around 35 sets of sales, continued to high consolidation and showed a trend of sustainable development, basic consistent with tractor market. Winter wheat area is large and medium-sized rotary cultivator of traditional kingpin market, northeast area is the main demand area of a large complex of rotary machinery.
2, quality continues to upgrade. After years of development, our rotary cultivator manufacturing level continues to increase, the technology investment will continue to increase, shorten the gap with the world advanced level, product quality get rising. Began to CNC machine tools, complete sets of machining center and computer automatic welding and flexible machining lines, and new technology has been applied in the manufacturing of some of their products, products matching degree increase, ability to adapt to the continuously improve. Material application level continues to improve, from the current market products, with corrosion, wear, friction, impact and fatigue and other materials in the product widely used. China's large and medium-sized rotary gear material more for 20CrMnTi low carbon alloy steel, compared with the previous product quality has been greatly improved; knife shaft material, the use of low carbon steel box using nodular cast iron, rotary cutting tools using manganese steel or steel containing rare earth metals and materials engineering composite materials has been applied in the manufacturing of the products, promote the continuous improvement of the overall quality of the large and medium-sized rotary cultivator.
3, product development multivariate. With modern way of planting, cultivation agronomic, accelerate the pace of agricultural structural adjustment and promote rotary cultivator industry of our country to realize the multi lineage, and a series of development, the initial formation of the glebe, paddy field and single and compound cultivator products, to achieve the basic coverage and large and medium tractor products. According to characteristics of products, large and medium-sized rotary cultivator and a tractor mainly take three point suspension, rotary cultivator points is intermediate transmission and drive side in two ways; frame structure mainly as the secondary beam structure and a frame structure and the cutter shaft is divided into integral structure and split type structure. Dry and paddy field type products due to different conditions, differences in product structure, and other aspects of the larger knife shaft bearing. Products from single function to multifunctional composite functional development, to rotary cultivator basis on different agronomic, with different combinations of stubble cleaning, rotary tillage, subsoiling, sowing, ridge forming and repression of regional products has been the rapid development of.
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